@LittleMix: Thanku sooo much @shivvvey and @headmastersuk for my new ginger locks I feel like a new woman ;) xjesyx

We all feel lost at one point or another. Sometimes in order to really understand and know where we want to go, we need to feel lost. no matter what you feeling, just remember that each and every one of us has been put here with a purpose and a passion. Our only job is to realize and follow it. If you haven’t realize it yet, don’t feel bad. Trust in the universe that you will when you’re meat to and in the meantime stay open and grateful for everything that comes your way.


Little Mix Teaches You How to Do the ‘Move’ Dance Moves (x)

Perrie talking about Leigh-Anne’s life-threatening experience on stage.

How is ‘Salute’ different from ‘DNA’? (x)

littlemixzs asked:
Hello! What theme do you have and what is it under?

I’m not too sure what it is anymore sorry I’ve only got tumblr on my phone now since my laptop broke 😔

Anonymous asked:
vote for little mix they are nominated for world music awards


Anonymous asked:
how did Perrie meet Zain?

Zayn 😳😳😳 and at the filming of wishing on a star when little mix were on the xfactor

Anonymous asked:
Hey little Mix when are you going to play in sydney

Im not little mix 🌚 but I’m not too sure since they’re on Demi’s tour right now